BACKGROUND / FOREGROUND MUSIC SERVICE Digital Broadcasting Systems brings the world's largest Music Providers to you establishing the greatest libraries of CD-quality, high-fidelity music to business worldwide. Digital Broadcasting Systems can customize your music programming line-up to create your ideal business atmosphere.
  • Over 250 different music programs
  • Four Different Music Providers to choose from
  • Uninterrupted music 24 hours a day
  • Programmable receiver (automatically selects channels at any time of day)
  • CD quality, digital stereo sound
  • Music services distributed by Direct Broadcast Satellite, or On-Site Internet download

CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION MONITORING SYSTEMS (CCTV) provides audio and video surveillance, digital recording to eliminate. Monitor your stores from remote locations via the internet.

ADMARKET Our on premise in-store audio marketing system gives you sales messages and high-impact promotions where they count -- at the point-of-purchase. Use ADMARKET to mention current or future specials, or to thank customers in a pleasant and professional manner.

MARKETING / MUSIC ON HOLD Take advantage of the time your customers and clients spend waiting for you to answer their calls. Studies show music actually makes waiting seem shorter, and it reduces those frustrating hang-ups. Add your own messages to expand the possibilities for additional sales and service promotions.

SOUND SYSTEM DESIGN, INSTALLATION, & SERVICE including amplifiers, flush mount and surface mount speakers, wired and wireless microphones, volume controls, and all other sound system components.

VIDEO SYSTEM DESIGN AND INSTALLATION adds sight and sound for your customer's enjoyment. Flat Panels systems of all types front projectors, LCD, DLP, LCoS.

INTERCOM AND PAGING SYSTEMS for restaurants, supermarkets, hardware stores, automobile dealerships, factories, schools and other commercial applications.

SOUND MASKING SYSTEMS to keep conversations confidential.

DISH NETWORK - COMMERCIAL Free equipment and installation to qualified businesses.
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